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Hello, and thank you for visiting my webpage.  My name is Bill Spinney, where I call Jurupa Valley home. I was born and raised in Southern California, graduating college from California State University, Fullerton in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering.  I worked as an Engineer and Business Manager for almost 25 years in the tech industry.  It was here that I honed my skills working with clients in providing business solutions; It's in my nature and background as an Engineer to be creative and solve problems, and I intend to bring this skill set to provide new solutions for our communities.

I’m a Constitutional Conservative, Defender of 2nd Amendment Rights, and a Fiscal Conservative at heart, believing in a Limited Form of Government with Limited Spending.  Being a champion of pro-growth policies means putting power into the hands of individuals & businesses, not Big Government.  Low tax rates for individuals and businesses encourages investment and is the recipe for success in growing the U.S. Economy and raising workers' standard of living (via wage growth).  Self-reliance, personal responsibility, individual liberty, property rights, limited taxes, and limited regulation are but just a few of the values I champion “for all the people.”   These are the values Our Founding Fathers and patriots fought so hard to achieve.  In addition, I believe Faith, Family, and Education play an important role in who we are as a people...   Through time, Technology continues to advance and change, our Society adapts to become more resourceful, but the “bedrock” Principles and Values our country was founded upon should never change.

I am running to serve as Republican in California’s 39th Congressional District because I believe these principles and values that made this country great are no longer being cherished by enough people, nor being taught in our schools.  (Note: the 39th District includes, but is not limited to, the cities of Riverside, Moreno Valley, and Perris).  Too many of our young adults today think Socialism is the answer, and think the system (i.e. Capitalism) is broken and doesn’t work for them.  I disagree.  I have solutions that can help provide our young people with the tools (see Education - High School) that wealthy, successful people already integrate into their lifestyle.    I want all people, particularly our young adults, to aspire to become more successful and wealthier than they ever thought possible, and learn to appreciate capitalism for all the riches it can provide through hard work and perseverance.  America has become the richest, most successful society to exist today, because we believe in the power of free markets & democracy. 

Please join me in the effort to preserve these institutions that keep the individual at the centerpiece of our society, with limited government interference.  "A government of, by, and For the People." 

Constituents of California's 39th Congressional District, I humbly ask for your vote on Election Day, June 7, 2022.




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