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  • 94 of 28 million U.S. kids aged 5-11 have died of COVID since the Pandemic began ; that is 0.0003%
  • The remainder of the U.S. population numbers approximately 300 million people (again, not including those aged 5-11).  Of those 300 million,  767,000 people have died.  That is roughly a 0.25% mortality rate. (all data as of 11.19.21)


If we summarize the data, people aged 12 and over are almost 1,000 times more likely to die of COVID than kids aged 5-11.  So, why are we mandating vaccinations for kids?  It’s clear our leaders are not acting in the best interests of the children.  The data concludes that children have much stronger immune systems than the rest of us adults; that much is consistent with the message from medical professionals.  Children have every right to bodily autonomy and to refuse this vaccine, which their parents exercise on their behalf.  The government cannot, and should not, look at our children as guinea pigs to protect us adults.

There is a big difference between being “anti-vaccination,” and “anti-mandate”.  For the record,  as I posted in the video section on this site, I have the vaccine, and made that decision on my own.  Nobody should be “forced” to get the vaccine, either by their employer via a Federal mandate, or through a school mandate via the State governor .  COVID is no excuse for the Federal Government, State Government, or Local governments to be taking away our freedoms, and mandating vaccinations.  Period.


Let the People decide what is best for themselves.  Let the Parents decide what is best for their child. Everybody’s individual rights must be respected in all facets of their lives.   

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