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The #1 job of the Federal Government is to protect its people, and it does this by establishing a fine military & by protecting its people with a strong border.  Our Government is failing us miserably with the latter.

We need a Federal Government that protects the Southern Border and upholds their sworn responsibility to “uphold the Constitution.” It is up to “We the People” of the United States to determine who comes into our country through a “Legal Immigration” process, and we expect our Federal Government to perform its duty.  Our values & principle should be respected by those Legal Immigrants who choose to start a life in this great Country,… not the other way around.  As someone that believes strongly in our Constitution, our Federal Government officials needs to abide by their sworn responsibility, as well (they took an oath to do so !)

Also, neglected from the conversation by our mainstream media, Biden’s “open door” immigration policy have killed and hurt Americans via Drugs & Human Trafficking.  Fentanyl, the drug with raw materials produced in China, and manufactured in Mexico by cartels, have found their way into everyday American Cities with disastrous consequences.  In 2022 alone, over 107,000 people in the U.S. died of overdose, most due to fentanyl.  This was a 16% increase in just one year, and almost double that of Canada’s overdose rate (320 vs. 171 per million).  And overdose deaths are occurring at nearly 15x what European Countries are experiencing.  This is unacceptable, and we need leaders that will uphold their sworn duty to protect the people.   

I support House Republican efforts to remove Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, for “dereliction of duty.” 





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