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There is simply way too much spending in Washington D.C. Today... 

The Biden Administration  pushed its "Build Back Better" Plan in 2021 that would have added nearly $5 Trillion to our debt !   Already, Trillions of dollars were  signed into law in Biden's first few months in office.   Can we imagine how much worse our inflation problem would be today had the Build Back Better Plan been signed into law ? 

Simply put, Congress is creating way too much demand in our economy with all of this frivolous spending.  The radical left & the Administration have falsely believed in Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) that says governments can spend as much as they want, with Central Bank's financing that spending with printing money as much  they want, without repercussion to their economies.  We are seeing evidence today how  wrong this radical idea of thinking is.   

Wasteful spending and inflation is already  leading to lower economic growth here in the U.S.   Q1/2022 was a negative quarter for economic growth, the first since the pandemic.   As a fiscal conservative, I would work to restrain wasteful spending in Congress that is significantly contributing to our inflation problem today ; I would want to know how the U.S. taxpayer’s money was being spent as if it were my own. 

Biden’s campaign slogan of “Build Back Better”  would have been better served if he actually 'followed the data' and looked at how successful the economy was in 2019, due primarily to business investment & lower taxes for individuals and business.  Many measures on unemployment and poverty levels, particularly among minority groups, were at their lowest levels in over 50 years prior to the pandemic.   And this was accomplished with low levels at inflation.   We do not need extraordinary levels of government spending ! 

I hope you agree with me that the extraordinary level of frivolous spending in Washington is wasteful, unsustainable, has significantly contributed to higher inflation, hurts Americans in the pocketbook, and further racks up huge amounts of debt for us and future generations to pay for.   

The people voted for Joe Biden in 2020, but we are getting Bernie Sanders’s spending policies, instead.


I ask that you help support me in the effort to turn the 39th district Republican in the hands of a fiscal conservative ! 



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