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I support our Law Enforcement 100% to protect our communities, and reject the notion of 'defund the police'.  The false narrative pushed forward by Black Lives Matter (BLM) of “systemic racism” in this country only seeks to destroy the fabric of our society, destroy our police departments, and divide us as a people.

 We as a people are not a collection of “groupings of races & ethnicities.”   We as a people are each “individuals,” each with unique aspirations that together form a community.  Every day we see examples of individuals of different races getting along with each other just fine.  This isn’t “news” to (social) media.  The exceptions to the rule are seen blasted on our TV screens and cell phones at every opportunity by the media.  This false narrative that racism “permeates” our society and police departments, which is what “systemic racism” would suggest, has led to efforts to defund or “reimagine” the police departments.

In the last year, these defunding efforts have led to shooting & homicides exploding in our inner-cities.  This should come as no surprise as police departments report a rise in officers retiring early due to low morale.  Those who continue to serve may pull back on their ‘pro-active’ policing in troubled areas due to a perceived lack of support within the community.  Compound this with criminals who feel emboldened and seek to take advantage of police departments that have come under fire from BLM and our media, and the situation turns deadly.  From progressive District Attorneys who give light sentences to criminals, to BLM supported by the media, this false narrative of systemic racism is putting pressure on our police departments, and making our cities less safe.   We need to support our Police Departments, Sherriff's Departments, and to our  D.A.'s that will put the interest of public safety, first ! 

We need to take back control of our inner-cities.   We need to fight back against this falsehood of “systemic racism” that BLM supports.  A combined 81% of Black Americans already support our Law Enforcement and want the same or more policing to protect their communities, not less policing.  I hope you agree we need to support our police departments, not defund or “reimagine” them.

*Current Democratic Representative Mark Takano marched with BLM protesters in June 2020.

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