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On Day 1 of his presidency, Joe Biden chose to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline, and took other steps to stop drilling activity on new, potentially energy-rich, federal land.  These decisions have harmed the American People, as we now pay more for a gallon of a gas than we need to (in addition to Putin’s War).  Biden’s foolish decision to choke-off oil supply has contributed unnecessarily to high gas prices.

To understand the reasoning why, Biden is held captive by the ‘Congressional Progressive Caucus’ in his own Party;  these climate activists, including AOC among many others,  want nothing more than to end oil/gas drilling in this country as we know it.  Their actions are causing unnecessary pain to the American People.  What is conveniently left out of the conversation is that the U.S. has ‘decreased’ its carbon emissions by 12% in the last 15 years, 2005-2019 (it fell even more when including the pandemic years, due to decreased economic activity).  Ironically enough, this country was able to achieve on overall reduction in green-house gas emissions over the last 15 years by ‘increasing’ the use of natural gas as an energy source, greatly supplanting the use of dirtier coal in U.S. power plants. 

In March of this year, Biden made the incredible decision to ask countries such as Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, .. even Iran,  to pump more oil in the wake of Putin’s War.  Biden did this before he would ask U.S. oil/gas companies to drill more in this country !  Again, Biden is held captive by the ‘Congressional Progressive Caucus’ in his own Party. 

This country instead needs to be smartly endorsing an “all of the above” energy strategy that includes the use of fossil fuels, nuclear (clean + reliable), while also increasing the use of renewables as companies and investors spend on the technology to start making them ‘reliable’ sources of energy (i.e. investment in battery technology to capture and save the energy for future use).  This is still many years away….       

As mentioned above, Biden is taking orders from a ‘Congressional Progressive Caucus’ that is not dealing with reality.  We need to vote them out, and change the energy policy in the U.S. to a smarter strategy, as outlined above.  They are out of touch with the American People, and increasing our costs.

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Incumbent Congressman Mark Takano is a member of the ‘Congressional Progressive Caucus’ of the Democratic Party.  I ask for your vote to help change the direction of energy policy in this Great Country.

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