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The Biden Administration is planning on passing nearly $5 Trillion in new spending bills in just its first year in office.  This figure doesn't even include the $1.9 Trillion in Covid relief already passed under Biden, but includes the additional $1.0 Trillion and $3.5 Trillion in planned spending for Infrastructure and "Human Infrastructure" programs, respectively.  

The significant amount of new spending bills signed by the White House is putting it front and center on the economy, and this sets up for lots of wasteful spending with higher inflation (which we're already experiencing).     There is good reason why spending in the economy is usually best left to the private sector and businesses: They are more efficient in their spending than governments, and after all, businesses must answer to their shareholders who demand a return on their investments.  Governments are not held to the same standard, and simply borrow and print more money as needed, often times on frivolous programs, while showing little care or discipline in spending ‘your money.’ (i.e. Taxpayer money).

This wasteful spending generally leads to lower economic growth, and lower growth in the economy means American Workers don’t enjoy growing wages and salaries.  Furthermore, the wasteful spending puts our country further into debt (nearly $30 Trillion!).  As a fiscal conservative, I would work to restrain wasteful spending in Congress, and would want to know how the U.S. taxpayer’s money was being spent as if it were my own. 

Biden’s campaign slogan of “Build Back Better”  would have been better served if he actually 'followed the data' and looked at how successful the economy was in 2019, due primarily to business investment & lower taxes for individuals and business.  Many measures on unemployment and poverty levels, particularly among minority groups, were at their lowest levels in over 50 years prior to the pandemic.  Covid or no Covid, Biden faces long odds in repeating this success of just a few years ago, and seems only interested in expanding the Power of the Federal Government. 

I hope you agree with me that the extraordinary level of new spending in Washington is wasteful, unsustainable, leads to higher inflation, hurts American Workers in the long term, and further racks up huge amounts of debt for us and future generations to pay for.   

The people voted for Joe Biden in 2020, but are getting Bernie Sanders’s spending policies, instead.


I ask that you help support me in the effort to turn the 39th district Republican ! 



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