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Hello, and thank you for visiting my website.

I am a lifelong Southern California resident, where I call Jurupa Valley home.  I graduated college with an Electrical Engineering Degree, and worked as an Engineer and Business Manager for almost 25 years in the tech industry.  Having a Business and Science-based background provides a unique ability to be creative, solve problems, and find solutions.   I intend to bring these skill sets as a member of Congress to help this great Country.

I’m a Constitutional Conservative Republican, Defender of 2nd Amendment Rights, and a Fiscal Conservative at heart.  This means believing in a Small Government with Limited Taxes & Limited Spending.  The way I see it, there is very little accountability to how our money is being spent in today’s Congress, contributing to sky-high inflation.  I would help put a freeze to this frivolous spending as a member of Congress.

I would also support legislation that extends the 2017 Tax Cuts for Individuals and Businesses.  These Tax Cuts were enormously helpful to everyday hardworking Americans, with middle-income & lower-income folks seeing the largest wage gains.  Many measures on unemployment and poverty levels, particularly among minority groups, were at their lowest levels in over 50 years prior to the pandemic.   And, remember,  this was accomplished with low levels of inflation.  In 2019 alone, "real median household income" rose by $4,400, more than from 2010-2017 combined.  (unfortunately, this has now been wiped out by High Gas Prices & High Inflation) ! 

Another priority I have is to include a “Personal Finance” course in the High School Curriculum, for all Seniors in the Public School System in the U.S.  Most of us have never received any formal education in financial literacy and money-management skills.  Basic concepts such as “Saving & Investing”, understanding what an IRA, 401(k) is, and retirement planning are never formally taught, and needed.  Let’s help our young adults when they have time on their side. 

For my take on other issues, click here ; High Gas PricesHigh InflationCrime, and Schools


I humbly ask for your vote, and look forward to serving you.


Best Regards,

Bill Spinney








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